Process and Selection
of Products
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Productive Process

We select the raw materials carefully, adjusting to the quality required by our customers, classifying the optimum ones and managing the waste.

After that, we weigh, disinfect and process according to your cutting and cooking requirements; and then freeze it at -30 ° C. Afterwards, we pack it at 4 ° C. Finally, store it at -20 ° C waiting for its prompt delivery.

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Of our with passion and responsibility

Corporate Values

Order and Cleaning

We are dedicated to understand, implement and maintain a system of adequate disposition and hygiene in the plant.


We perform all our operations with transparency and rectitude. In addition to having the best certifications.


We listen, understand and value points of view different from ours, seeking harmony in interpersonal, labor and commercial relationships.

Service Vocation

We work in a professional manner and in constant improvement to achieve full customer satisfaction in all our production stages.

Our Products

Our Team

After the production process of our customers’ products, they are placed in boxes and packed according to all the standards of quality, safety, temperature and hygiene.

We have our own warehouses for the packaging and delivery, as we are located near At the Callao terminal, it gives us the facility to deliver our products in excellent quality.

Quality and Hygiene

Throughout the production process our technicians and specialists are always attentive to the proper control of each stage.

The technical and technological factor in our processes help production and improve times and increase the quality of our products.


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